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3 Tips for Exterior House Painting within HOA Communities

May 2, 2024

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Living in a homeowners’ association (HOA) community comes with its own set of rules and guidelines, especially when it comes to exterior home improvements and modifications – like exterior painting! That said, before you embark on your upcoming project, it’s crucial to know what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed by your HOA. Here are a few must-know tips that can help you navigate this process.

1. Select an Approved Color

Many HOAs have a pre-approved palette of colors that homeowners must choose from. It’s imperative that you do your research here and familiarize yourself with your HOA’s guidelines. Selecting a color outside this palette can result in your project being denied – and if you move forward and paint with this banned color anyway, you’ll likely face fines in addition to being forced to repaint. If you prefer a certain custom color, you may try making your case to the board and show how it can fit within the community’s desired aesthetic, but more than likely, you’ll need to stick with an approved choice.

2. Request Permission

This is a relatively simple part of the process, but one you shouldn’t neglect. Once you’ve picked an approved color, you’ll need to ask for permission to modify your home. Usually, a written request is okay, and you’ll send it to the appropriate member of the board for their review. Include your painting plans, your desired color scheme, your paint brand, and any other relevant details. It’s worth noting that many professional painters are well-versed in working within HOA communities, so mention which company you’re planning to use if you’ve chosen this route.

3. Look to Your Neighbors for Inspiration

It never hurts to consider what your neighbors are doing and factor that into your decision. While you won’t be able to copy their color scheme exactly (exact uniformity often isn’t allowed), you can at least use them for inspiration. It also never hurts to let these neighbors know that you’re planning to paint – your project might affect their lives too.

Painting your home’s exterior in an HOA community requires careful planning and adherence to specific guidelines. By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth process from start to finish – and if you still have doubts, consult with a team of professionals to ensure HOA compliance and a job well done.

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