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What You Need to Know Going into an Exterior Brick Makeover

April 2, 2023

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exterior brick wall painted white

If you’ve recently decided to undergo an exterior brick makeover, you’re probably feeling pretty excited about the expected outcome of your home’s new look! Whether you’re undergoing a remodel for your own enjoyment or prepping your home for a potential buyer, painted brick offers a timeless, beautiful look that many homeowners simply adore. That said, it’s worth knowing a few key things about exterior brick makeovers before committing to the project yourself. Here are three key things to keep in mind.


Which Exterior Paint Color Will Reign in 2023?

February 23, 2023

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paint swatches

Are you a homeowner or business owner who is looking for an updated look? Does the outside of your home or office appear dull and lackluster? Over time, paint can fade, which is why it’s time for an upgrade. But which color will stand out and make a statement? You may be surprised to learn that the exterior paint trend of 2023 is off-white! Read on to find out how you can take this shade to the next level and create eye-catching visual appeal.


2023 Interior Color Trends from Nature

December 23, 2022

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2023 made out of things from nature

After several years of restrictions and isolation, you may be like many others out there who want to move on with life and reconnect with the outside world. With the new year approaching, now is a great time to make a fresh start by simply putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your own home. Keep reading to learn about Sherwin Williams’ interior color trends for 2023 and why designers love them!


What You Should Know Before Painting with Black

November 23, 2022

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black living room

Ready to make a bold color choice? If so, you’re probably thinking about adding black paint to your home. It may sound like a crazy decision, but black is a smart and elegant color choice. It’s a timeless shade that will also give your home that extra “wow” factor. However, you could accidentally create an ominous and claustrophobic space if you’re not careful. For the best results, here are a few things you should know before picking up a paintbrush.  


Going Beyond White: Interior Trim Color Ideas

October 12, 2022

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interior trim in different colors

Most homeowners choose to paint their interior trim white, mainly because it’s a classic color choice that goes everything. Not only does it provide a pleasing border contrast, but it makes your home feel airy and inviting. However, if you’re not the cookie-cutter type, you may want to choose a color other than white. Are you struggling to think of ideas? Read on to learn which non-white trim colors you should consider.


6 Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Walls

September 19, 2022

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closeup of person cleaning walls

Do you take pride in keeping your home organized, neat, and clean? If so, you probably have a few housekeeping tricks up your sleeve. Regularly mopping your hardwood floors and scrubbing your walls are great ways to keep your home looking beautiful. But have you ever stopped to wonder if you’re cleaning your painted walls properly? It’s incredibly important to use the right technique as it’ll create a healthier environment for your family. That said, here are a few tips for properly and safely cleaning dirty walls.


2022’s Biggest Interior Design Trends

August 10, 2022

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living room with floral wall pattern

We’re officially more than halfway through the year! Can you believe how fast it’s gone by? Despite us nearing the end of 2022, it’s not too late to hop on some of the latest trends. While many styles come and go, these are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Read on to learn which interior design trends can transform your home into one you’ll love!


Signs It’s Time for a New Paint Job

July 14, 2022

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removing old paint from the wall

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders on any home. It can easily freshen up the appearance of your space and breathe new life into it. To keep your house in tip-top shape, you must do regular checkups and keep an eye out for signs of a deteriorating paint job. If you don’t know what to look out for, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how to tell when it’s time for a new paint job on your house.


How a Color Consultant Can Help Transform Your Home

June 10, 2022

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color consultation in Keller

When it comes to choosing colors for the inside of your home, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to think about the color palette and whether or not it will look good with your furniture. Even if you like the swatch of a certain shade, you have to think about how it’ll look once it’s on your walls. Making the decision by yourself can be stressful. Fortunately, a color consultant can make the process as easy as possible! Read on to learn how this professional can help you transform your home.


Accent Walls: The Dos and Don’ts You Should Know About

May 17, 2022

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modern bedroom with orange accent wall

Are you tired of looking at the same old walls you’ve already seen for years? If so, you’re probably looking for ways to transform them and take your home to the next level. One great way to accomplish that is by adding an accent wall. You can work it into any kind of room, adding some much-needed flair to even the dullest of spaces. Read on to learn more about the essential dos and don’ts of accent walls.

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