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Brick Painting – Keller, TX

Paint Outdated Brick for a Fresh, New Look

Why Choose Brick Painting?

man painting brick white

The hard truth about painting brick is that it’s irreversible. In other words, you can’t return to raw brick once you’ve painted it. This may have you feeling hesitant about painting your brick exterior, but our we can show you tons of examples of how a refreshing color on the brick can transform and update the curb appeal of a home. When we meet with your for your estimate, our estimators can walk you through the process and help you decide whether this option is right for your house.

Benefits of Brick Painting

row houses with brick painting

Painting brick may be permanent, but just a quick glance at our before-and-after photos will show you that this change is worth the effort and investment. By choosing to paint your brick exteriors, you can enjoy these benefits.

Brightening Up Your Home

There was a time when earthy tones for brick was popular in home design, but some of these shades of raw brick can blend in with their surroundings so well that the house doesn’t stand out at all. In other situations, the deeply pigmented brick can feel too dark. To give your home more contrast, you can paint the brick a lighter color, which also makes it more inviting from the outside.

Protection from the Elements

Unfortunately, water can be damaging for many materials, including those used to build homes. Brick may be hard and durable, but it also has a porous surface, allowing moisture to become trapped and eventually erode. Over time, the brick can weaken, break down, or allow access points to the home’s interior. Specially formulated primer and exterior paint can add a layer of protection from moisture, keeping your home in better condition.

Process of Brick Painting

white wall from brick painting

As painting experts with more than a decade of experience, our team knows exactly how to paint brick for the best results. Unlike stucco and siding, brick requires more detailed work to get a more even, perfect finish. Here are the steps we follow when we paint brick:

  • First, we power wash the brick, clearing away years of dirt and grime.
  • We take a close look at the brick, searching for cracks or gaps that need to be caulked or filled. Once we’ve addressed and sealed these areas, we are ready for the next step.
  • A primer specially formulated for masonry is applied to the brick.
  • After the primer, several uniform coats of exterior paint are put on the brick surface.
  • When we’re finished, our team cleans up the work area and walks you through a final inspection, ensuring that you’re completely happy with the results.