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Painting Tips for Pet Owners: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

April 2, 2024

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a woman and her dog with paint supplies

Is it finally time to repaint your home and give it a renewed and inspired look? This is quite an exciting endeavor! However, there are several things to consider beyond simply what color to choose, and some of the decisions you’ll make aren’t even about aesthetics at all, but rather, accommodating family members and pets alike! Continue reading below for a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure that your painting project is as pet-friendly as possible!

1. Be Conscious of What Your Paint Contains

You’re going to want to strongly consider the type of paint that you use, since not every kind of suitable for homes with pets. You should read the ingredient lists of your paint options and only select ones made from safe, natural ingredients like water, plant dyes, and essential oils. Keep in mind that these might not be as potent as other options with unsafe chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), but you can apply multiple coats or take other measures to ensure beautiful results.

2. Stick to Colors That Hide Stains Well

You might want to paint your walls vibrant, bright, and warm colors, but you should keep in mind that these and similar hues often show smudges, scuffs, and stains very easily – and if you’ve had your pets for very long, then you know very well just how messy they can be! That said, you can be strategic here and opt for dark colors that hide stains and similar marks well. Shades of gray, brown, or even solid black can work here; consider areas where your pets frequent and adjust your color schemes accordingly.

3. Keep Your Pain Clean and Maintained

Of course, even if you’re using paints that tend to hide damage well, that doesn’t mean you should entirely neglect to care for your painted walls! Be sure that you’re making an effort to keep things clean by wiping down the surfaces of your walls at least once a month, or more frequently in high-traffic areas where your pets hang out. Repair cracks, dents, and dings as they come up, so that they don’t lead to further damage or detract from the beauty of your paint.

4. Don’t Neglect Cleanup

Painting tends to be a very messy process, and pets tend to want to get into things that catch their interest. Combine these two things, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Be sure that when all is said and done, you’ve cleaned up any paint spatter, picked up all brushes and rollers, thrown out all tarps, and cleaned up all other messes. You and your pets alike will be happy to have a clean and freshly painted space to enjoy!

Of course, a professional team will always clean up once the job’s done – just another reason to go that route with your next painting project.

About Platinum Painting of Keller

Our team here at Platinum Painting of Keller loves pets, and we’d be more than happy to accommodate them as we assist you with your next painting project! We’ve assisted countless homeowners and pet owners all across the Keller, TX community and surrounding DFW metroplex for over 15 years. If you have any questions about the blog or you’d like to get in touch with our team to set up a FREE in-home estimate, visit us online or give us a call today for assistance! Telephone: (817) 697- 0109. 

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