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Can My Home’s Lighting Affect the Color of My Paint?

September 2, 2023

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an interior room with lots of lighting

Lighting is a magical element in interior design, capable of transforming a room’s ambiance and perception dramatically. When choosing paint colors for your home, considering both natural and artificial lighting is essential; the interplay between light and paint can create some quite stunning effects, but it can also lead to some unexpected outcomes if you aren’t careful or knowledgeable about what you’re doing! Continue reading below to learn a little more about some of how natural and artificial lighting affects paint color, along with a few things you should consider when selecting the perfect hues for your living spaces.

How Is Paint Impacted by Light?

In a perfect world, paint would indefinitely remain the same color it was when it was applied; however, there are many things out there that can cause this color to change over time, and light is one of the biggest offenders.

Natural light, or light that enters through your home’s windows, heavily influences how colors appear; this is in part because natural light intensity varies throughout the day and across the seasons. Morning light is soft, while midday light can be intense—and you’ll also need to account for the orientation of the sun. North-facing rooms usually receive softer, cooler light compared to rooms with southern exposure. East-facing rooms receive bright, warm light in the mornings and west-facing rooms experience a golden glow in the evening.

Interior artificial lighting includes all sorts of different bulbs with varying levels of warmth and brightness. These light sources also come in different temperatures; incandescent bulbs emit a warm, yellow light, while fluorescent lights produce cooler, blueish tones. The placement of these fixtures can also create shadows, meaning you need to carefully consider the location of your wall sconces, floor lamps, and overhead lighting and test where they cast light.

What Should I Consider When Selecting My Paint?

Fortunately, you have quite a bit of control as a homeowner when it comes to managing the amount of light entering your home, meaning that your paint doesn’t have to suffer! That said, keep in mind that particular colors might also change when exposed to light. For example, whites and off-whites can sometimes reflect hues from certain objects in the room like furniture or rugs. Furthermore, brighter and richer colors can become problematic under different lighting; khaki, sage, and taupe can all change dramatically!

It’s also worth considering the type of finish you want to use; certain finishes, including flat, gloss, semi-gloss, etc. can all play a role in how colors appear; for example, gloss can add depth, but under certain light it can be quite reflective, meaning that the glossier the finish, the more light will bounce off and distort the color’s appearance.

Finally, you’ll also want to test paint colors beforehand—this small step is crucial, as observing how natural and artificial light plays with the samples will help you make an informed decision. You might also consider the function of the room; for instance, calming and muted tones work well in bedrooms that tend to not have much lighting to begin with. Consider how lighting can enhance the room’s purpose and choose colors accordingly!

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